Title: For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn

Logline: Based on Ernest Hemingway’s classic six-word story.

Genre: Footwear Drama

Price: Low against high six figures

Notes: Planned as a trilogy with Jake Gyllenhaal and Emily Blunt attached to star. Upon the insistence of Hemingway’s estate, the project will adhere closely to the source material, though the baby is rumored to survive.

Title: Solitaire

Logline: Based on the popular single-player card game.

Genre: Epic

Price: Low against high six figures

Notes: Jude Law, Susan Sarandon, Morgan Freeman, Elle Fanning, Stanley Tucci, Giovanni Ribisi, Mary Louise Parker, Venus Williams, John Goodman, Garrison Keillor, Dame Judy Dench, Serena Williams, Sir Ben Kingsley, Duke Hugh Grant, Henry Kissinger, Isaiah Mustafa, Tommy Lee Jones and Flea attached to star.

Title: JK Livin’

Logline: A man embarks on a journey of self-discovery after the sudden and tragic loss of his shirt.

Genre: Easygoing Chillventure

Price: Low against high six figures

Notes: Matthew McConaughey attached to star, produce and direct based on his own script.

Title: His Holiness, Pope Steve I

Logline: After a papal conclave clerical error, a 32-year-old Midwestern party-animal living in his parents’ basement becomes the new Pope and proceeds to turn the Catholic church upside-down. Pitched as Legally Blond meets Doubt.

Genre: Vaticomedy

Price: Low against high six figures

Notes: James Franco attached to star.

Title: That Time of the Month

Logline: After an uncaring businessman threatens to put a local mom and pop tampon company out of business, he’s cursed to experience a menstrual period for a week.

Genre: Hygienic Comedy

Price: Low against high six figures

Notes: Ryan Reynolds attached to star along with Betty White as the mystical Aunt Flo.

Title: Tic-Tac-Toe

Logline: At long last, the classic two-player game finally comes to life on the big screen.

Genre: Pencil-and-Paper-centric Cat-and-Mouse Suspense Actioner

Price: Low against high six figures

Notes: Will Smith and Christian Bale attached to play X and O, respectively.

Title: I Dreamed a Dream

Logline: The true life story of Susan Boyle, the homely middle-aged woman who became an unlikely overnight singing sensation after her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent.

Genre: Musical Biopic

Price: Low against high six figures

Notes: Natalie Portman, January Jones and Jessica Biel all currently vying for the lead.

Title: Join My Network

Logline: Tells the story of the founding of the LinkedIn social network, centering primarily on conference calls with venture capital firms and the preparation of LLC paperwork.

Genre: Cyber-Docudrama

Price: Low against high six figures

Notes: Producers currently auditioning actors to play the company’s founder, whoever that is.

Title: South Paw

Logline: A slick ad executive must struggle to keep his cool and land the biggest account of his career after he breaks an ancient cursed artifact and wakes up the next morning left-handed. Along the way he learns to value what’s truly important in life.

Genre: Slapstick Fantasy Comedy

Price: Low against high six figures

Notes: Jason Segel attached to star. The left-handed scenes will be shot completely on greenscreen.

Title: Tooth & Nail

Logline: Tough homicide detective Jimmy Nail finds his world turned upside down when he’s partnered with rookie cop Tooth, a sass-talking incisor.

Genre: Buddy Cop Dental Comedy Actioner

Price: Low against high six figures

Notes: Mark Wahlberg attached to play Nail opposite Chris Rock as the voice of Tooth who will be a mixture of CGI, animatronics, hand-puppetry and an actual tooth extracted from Philip Seymour Hoffman’s mouth.